Bicycle Camcorder or Dash Cam Hidden Camera

Mini Hidden Camera with Night Vision 12MP Car DVR Motion Detection R3 HD 1080P 30fps Sports Camera For Bicycle Or Car Dashboard

Great camera to use to record all your experiences such as biking, hiking, sky diving, etc. Small enough to work as a hidden camera or nanny cam, or you can mount it in your car as a dash cam.

Mini Dv Camera 1080p with Night Vision, Mini Camera 12MP Car DVR Motion Detection, R3 HD 1080P, 30fps Video Recorder Sports Camera Bicycle Camcorder or Dash Cam Hidden Camera

Mini Dv Camera 1080p with Night Vision Mini Camera
Available in Blue or Black

Superior HD Videos and Photos with a 1080P ultra clear resolution, can clearly capture any high-speed scene, lets you see everything in full lucidity, improves the overall experience of your image quality and captures every detail

This camcorder is packed with multiple functions, such as real-time video recording, IR night vision, snapshot, camera-recording and storage.

The mini camera can be battery powered via the internal rechargeable battery for about 2.5 hours of continuous operation, or can be AC powered using the included charger, giving it the ability to operate 24/7. It also supports loop recording.

Loop Recording and Time Stamp: The date and time stamp is adjustable and loop recording is defaulted to overwrite the oldest file with the newest which is also adjustable.(Loop recording turns on/off and time stamp fix can be adjusted as you want).

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