Car Cameras are More and More a Part of Every Day Life….

car dash cam night recording

Every Day, there is More and More Traffic on the Roads…….


Which means even more drivers on the roads….


Dash CamsHowever these increased driver levels lead to the roads becoming a more crowded and dangerous place, and hand in hand with this goes rising insurance premiums and increased difficulty in being able to successfully make an insurance claim, which is where in-car cameras can help.

A car camera is also an essential part of a full car security system.  Covert car cameras, or hidden car cameras are used for car and vehicle protection on vehicles for business purposes as well as vehicles for personal use.  

Car cameras are increasingly being used for everything from Insurance Purposes, to prove who’s at fault in a road accident, to video recording for Car Security (Many auto record when they detect movement), as well as Home Security, general public use for Taxis/Couriers/Haulage Company/ fleets/Track days, even Driving schools to record pupil driving improvements, and can even be used as spyware gadgets.

Car cameras can be installed at the vehicle’s blind spot, which is at the side of the vehicle that the rear view mirror doesn’t cover. That allows the driver to be able to see everything surrounding the vehicle.

Car Camera, Monitor and Power SourceThis is good for both avoiding any potential accidents while driving and for recording any incident if ever there is an accident of any kind. It can make the whole driving experience a little easier if you are the one behind the wheel.

It also means you can capture footage of anything interesting you might see along the way!  Whether it be beautiful scenery or anything unusual.

Such as the meteorite that landed in Russia recently that was caught on film by drivers who witnessed it there at first hand, as one of the most bizarre examples to date.  

Here is some footage from car dashboard cameras that picked up the Russian Meteor DA14.


An in car camera is an excellent way to keep you safe on the road. Rear view car cameras are also becoming highly popular with car owners and some manufacturers who are now placing them on their vehicles. Drivers no longer have to worry about whom or what is behind them because they can see everything there clearly on a screen placed inside the car.

I’ve been fascinated with car cameras and Dash Cams ever since they were first invented over 20 years ago. As a taxi driver at the time, what a boon they would have been, as they not only record events, they can record sound and conversations too.

Unfortunately, in those days, in-car cameras were horrendously expensive and involved the siting of a full size DVR somewhere inside the vehicle, to keep a record of events.



car cameras with gps

Car Cameras are looking set to become a legal requirement soon in many countries as the benefits for both security as well as insurance claims, and not least car accident prevention, become clear.

In the US, The South Dakota Legislature supports the use of car cameras in all police vehicles in that state. This includes state, tribal and local vehicles.

Police cars that are equipped with in car cameras allow officers to record the events that transpire during traffic stops. The use of cameras in police cars can also help determine if arresting officers are ever racially profiling, in other words only stopping those of a certain race, or acting in a discriminatory manner of any kind.

Reversing cameras are one of the best car accessory purchases that you could make. They enable you to drive more safely and reduce the chance of any reverse driving accidents or damage to property. Driving in reverse is more difficult than going forwards, and rear view cameras are helpful in this regard. Yes, there is an additional cost involved when choosing a camera as a new car accessory, but when safety, convenience, and even a reduction in insurance rates are considered, car cameras are very affordable, if not ultimately a cost savings, and a great investment to make in your car

More and more people are buying dashboard cameras, or dash cams as they are known for short, to provide proof of events as they happen when out driving.

Without dash cams for evidence, how can you prove that what you, as the driver, is saying, is the truth? 

So, dash cams can provide proof of events in accidents, for several reasons:

  • Dash cams record the Where (through GPS) the When (time and date are clearly displayed) and the How.

  • Most dash cams have night vision. This prevents fraudulent claims being made against the driver even when they have been driving in the twilight hours.

  • Dash cams generally take high quality footage, which can be uploaded and saved to a computer or other device if and when needed for insurance or legal purposes.

Dash Cams

I love mine! I Wish they had dash cams when I was a taxi driver in London, because they would have saved me a lot of grief. I’d definitely have gone for one inside as well, pointing towards the passengers for added safety.

Dashboard cameras come in a bewildering array of unheard of makes and models. We have put together a summary of the Best Dash Cams that are widely used and available right now, to help you choose the one that is right for you.  

Michael Benwick, former cab-driver, London.  


Dashcams learn the basics about dashboard video cameras dash cams


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