E300 Color Video Car Rear View LED Waterproof Camera

car security



* E300 Type Color CMOS/CCD Car Rear View Camera
Supports color CMOS/CCD image
* * Supports NTSC TV system
* High-definition and wide viewing angles
* Made of high quality and durable material
* With good waterproof function
* With its elegant and contemporary design, this camera is very popular


* Effective pixels: 628 x 586
* Shutter speed: 1/50 pal, 1/60 ntsc 1/10,000 seconds
* Mini. illumination: 0.1 Lux/F
* Power consumption: 110mA, max. 300mA wiht IR on
* Power supply: 12V/24V
* Lens angle: 135/170 degree
* Video Cable Length:5m


1. Mount the camera at the back of the car
(on the license plate back window or other suitable place)
2. Connect the power of the camera to your reverse lights – red wire to positive
and black wire to negative.
3. Connect the video cable of the camera to the extension cord.
4. Connect the extension cord to your car monitor.
5. You will see the images when your car is in reverse shift.        

Package Content

1 x Rear View Camera
1 x Video cable
1 x Power cable


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