Dedicated Air Vent Car Holder Mount Black Vehicle Louvers Phone Cradle Mount For Apple Iphone5S Iphone5 (Iphone5S/5-Air Vent Holder)

car security

SAVFY iPhone 5S/5 Air Vent Mount

Keep your device safe and in view with this flexible Holder.  This cradle mounts your iPhone 5S/5 firmly on your car’s air vent, putting all of your street maps, directions (and more) within view and easily within reach. With the cradle’s mounting bracket, it grips your device securely, and allows angle adjustment for easy viewing.

100% Camera/Video Capture is very easy when using this mount.  Good for Driving Surveillance.

Note: Fit WITHOUT the phone’s case cover attached.  The clip in holder has been designed to the contours of the iPhone 5S/5 and therefore is not suitable for use with a case or protective skin.

Package Includes:

1 X iPhone 5S/5 Air Vent Mount   

(Phone NOT Included!)






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