7″ inch Wide TFT LCD Touch Screen Colour Mirror Monitor for Car Rearview Camera, Ships From UK, Quick Delivery

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Do you really want your car to become a squirrel killing machine? This LCD monitor, together with your backup camera can give yourself the ability to see the tiniest things sneaking behind your car. No more straining your neck to see if a shopper is trying to whiz by at the last second, or to make sure the car opposite you isn’t attempting to back out at the same time. The LCD monitor fits conveniently on your dashboard, and will show you every squirrel that scurries on by.  You won’t run over anything but the road.



Screen Size: 7 inch
Display Component: Color TFT LCD  

Resolution: 480 x 234 Pixels
Power consumption: =<7W
System: PAL/NTSC(Video)
Video: 2 AV inputs.AV1 connects to car DVD, VCR and other video equipment. AV2 to car backup camera
Screen format: 16:9
Operate mode: Touch keys, Remote control
Input: DC 12V
Color: Black


Package Includes:
1 x 7″ TFT LCD Car Monitor
1 x Remote controller
1 x DATA Cable.
1 x User Manual

Currently Out Of Stock!



DIY Car Security Cameras



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