Smartcam 2 HD 1080P in-Car Camera

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SmartCam 2 HD Dash Cam Car Camera Review

The SmartCam 2 has got to be the best in car video camera around. You will be very hard pushed to find a smarter, easy to use and true HD in car camera. In fact we have looked around and couldn”t find one!

This great looking mini dash board camera records in 1920 x 1080 which is currently the highest form of HD available. The SmartCam 2 stores the recorded videos onto a class 10 SD memory card for easy sharing and copying of your footage.  It comes with motion sensors ideal for security issues with night vision capabilities.  The SmartCam 2 automatically turns on and off when you switch the car ignition on or off, how cool is that? No need to fiddle around with the camera to switch it on or off to start and stop recording. It simply becomes one of your integrated car accessories 🙂 .

It comes with easily setup loop recording – so you can record in 2, 5 or 10 minute segments. Another very useful feature is the protect function – to lock any files you choose so they don’t get overwritten. There are so many other very useful features on this great gadget such as webcam capabilities, 12 Mps photo camera, full audio capability and we could go on and on and on…… But we wouldn’t want you to think that at HOTcraze we are all nerdy geeks! Oh yea one more thing: The SmartCam 2 comes with all the accessories you’ll ever need such as car holder, car charger, USB cable, AV cable and a quality HDMI cable (not included in most other HD camera brands).

The possible applications for this very smart video camera are endless but include: Insurance Purposes (prove who”s at fault in an accident) (approved by some car insurances and qualifies you for a discount which means it would pay for itself in no time at all), Recording Car security (It auto records when it detects movement), Home Security, General public use, Taxis/Couriers/Haulage Company/ fleets/Track days/ Driving schools to record pupil driving improvements, or as a Spy gadget.


Car Accident Prevention – Its Here 4U


SmartCam 2 1080p Car Dash Camera Test Footage




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