Car Camera, Monitor and Power Source

Installing A Wireless Rear View Car Back-Up Camera

Rear View Car Back-Up Camera Systems can be either cabled or wireless, depending on the model (The Camera not the car!).  The Wireless option can be very simple to install.


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Installing a Wireless Monitor & Rear View Back-Up Camera System for your car


In the example below we are installing a Back-Up Camera System, Model ACA250, which is a Wireless monitor and rear view camera system for backing up your car.

Installing a Wireless Colour Monitor & Back-Up Camera System


How to install a Wireless Backup Camera with monitor: 

Car Camera, Monitor and Power Source

1.   Take off your license plate at the back of your car.

2.   Remove the car’s Reverse Tail Light so as to access the backup lamp wires.

3.   Connect the camera’s power leads to the reverse light of your car to get the power – red wire for positive and black wire for negative.

4.   Connect the power cable leads running from the Reverse Light, or ‘tail light’ to your camera, via the trunk to behind  the License Plate.

5.   Put back the Tail light and the License Plate

6.   Fix the camera’s bracket to the license plate where the bottom two screws are situated, using those screw holes to fix it in.

7.   Position the Monitor on the front dashboard of the car or wherever you decide to put it, making sure that it will not block your view while driving.

8.   Connect the wireless Monitor (the receiver) to a power lead running to your car battery or cigarette lighter (or the reverse/gear wire) to get the power – red wire for positive and black wire for negative.

9.   After complete installation, you should see the rear view image when your car is in reverse shift.

Please check any manual or instructions that came with your Backup Camera when going through this, just for your reference.

Important Note:
Remember to have a good look at the outlay of your car’s interior before you proceed, as cars vary a bit and not all are exactly the same!  In particular, where you have installed the camera’s power to the reverse light.  With some cars, you can just snake the power leads under the lining of the Trunk, with others you may have to drill a small hole in the Trunk/boot of the car to run the power leads through.


Generally, it is easier to connect the Monitor’s power cable or leads via the Cigarette Lighter, depending on the car.


Rear Backup Camera over California car plate

The Best Backup Cameras

Soon, every new car sold will need to come standard with a rear-view camera already installed. It will no longer be an accessory; after all it’s a safety feature proven to save lives. It’s also a good way to ensure you don’t have to leave a “sorry, I hit your car!” note every time you park somewhere.

Rear-view cameras first became common about a decade ago. If your car didn’t come with one to begin with, don’t worry. There are plenty of aftermarket options to choose from. Here are some of the best backup cameras you can currently buy:


American Road RearVision


Why should you buy this?  It’s quick to install and it works as advertised.

Our Pearl RearVision review

The Pearl RearVision Backup Camera, It’s not cheap but it works extremely well.

Who’s it for: Anyone who wants an extra pair of eyes while backing up.

How much it will cost:  Around $399 (only available in the US at present)

Why we picked the American Road RearVision:

Formerly made by Pearl, the American Road RearVision certainly isn’t the cheapest rear-view camera on the market, but it’s by far the best one available for a number of reasons. Importantly, it’s remarkably easy to install. The camera is integrated into an elegant frame you can bolt around your license plate. We tested it and concluded it takes no more than five minutes to set up.

Once it’s installed, you need to download a purpose-designed smartphone application and plug the adapter into your car’s OBD2 port.  It isn’t as feature-rich as some of the other backup cameras on the market, but it’s basic and it gets the job done without breaking the bank. The kit includes a screen, a camera, and the wiring required to install everything.

An adhesive strip attaches the camera right behind your car’s rear license plate. You can either install the screen on your dashboard or secure it to your windshield using a suction cup. Either way, plan on running a wire from the camera to the screen. Both source power from the reverse lights so you’ll need to do some splicing, too.

The water-proof camera offers a 170-degree viewing angle and a night vision function. Users report it’s relatively easy to install.


Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera


Why should you buy this: You want a versatile mid-range backup camera.

Our Yada digital wireless backup camera review

The best versatile backup camera

The Yada Backup Camera has a 4.3″ Dash Monitor, the image quality is good and you can feed footage from two cameras to one screen.

Who’s it for: Motorists who need both front and back imagery.

How much it will cost:   Around $120  –  £56.71

Why we picked the Yada digital wireless backup camera:

Yada says it designed its wireless backup camera specifically to eliminate blind spots. It delivers great picture quality, wide viewing angles, and clear visibility in low-light situations. When we tested it, we noted the screen included in the kit is clearer than many OEM systems on the market today.

It’s not as straight-forward to install as Pearl’s RearVision. You’ll need to spend about 25 minutes from start to finish. Experience in wiring automotive electrical items is a plus but don’t worry if you’re a rookie. There are tutorial videos on the company’s site to walk you through the process step by step.

Yada’s coolest feature is the possibility to display footage from two cameras. You can order an external add-on camera that you can use as a baby monitor, as a backup camera for your trailer, or even as a front camera if you want to see what’s in front of you.


Auto-Vox T1400


Why should you buy this: You don’t want a bulky screen on your dashboard.

The best backup camera for your rear-view mirror

Who’s it for: Those who want a stock-looking dashboard without distractions.

How much it will cost:   Around $110  –  £85.99

Why we picked the Auto-Vox T1400:

Hide your rear-view camera out of sight.

Most aftermarket backup cameras send footage either to an external screen or to your smartphone. That means you need to have something either sitting on top of your dashboard or attached to your windshield. If that’s not ideal, Auto-Vox’s T1400 is the solution for you.
It transmits footage from a camera (sold separately) positioned above the rear license plate to a small screen integrated into a rear-view mirror. The 4.3-inch unit is auto-dimming so you don’t need to worry about glare, and it shows parking guidelines for extra peace of mind.

Auto-Vox says the T1400 was designed to look right in any car it’s installed in. It’s compatible with a long list of models including cars made by Toyota, Volkswagen, and Chevrolet, but we recommend double-checking before ordering.

Viewing Backup Camera

How We Test:

Our automotive team tests vehicles through a comprehensive scrutinizing process. We examine the qualities of the exterior and interior and judge them based on our expertise and experience in the context of the vehicle’s category and price range. Entertainment technology is thoroughly tested as well as most safety features that can be tested in controlled environments.
Test drivers spend extensive time behind the wheel of the vehicles, conducting real-world testing, driving them on highways, back roads, as well as off-road and race tracks when applicable.

Car Cameras

Eight steps to install a Backup Camera with a wireless module

How to install Backup Camera with wireless module in Eight Steps: 

1. Take out your stock license plate light at the back of your car.

2.  Fix the camera to where the stock license plate light is.

3.  Connect the black wire (GND-) and red wire (DC +12V) to your car built-in license plate light to get power for camera.

4.  Connect wireless module (transmitter) to your camera via the two RCA cables (one plug for AV output and one plug for power).

5.  Connect the wireless module (transmitter) to the reverse light of your car to get the power – red wire for positive and black wire for negative

6.  Connect yellow plug of the wireless module (receiver) to your car monitor/stereo VIA camera input.

7.  Connect wireless module (receiver) to your car battery or cigarette lighter (or reverse/gear wire) to get power – red wire for positive and black wire for negative.

8.  After complete installation, you will see the reverse image when your car is in reverse shift.

Wireless backup camera with wireless module

Please check any manual or instructions that came with your Backup Camera when going through this, just for your reference.

If you have installed the camera to the stereo, but when you put your car in reverse, there is “NO SIGNAL” showing on the screen, then you need to double check whether you connected the “Car back wire” (from power cable of your stereo)” to your car Reverse/Gear wire.

After connecting this “Back” wire, when you reverse, the car will give a signal to the stereo, and then the unit should enter into camera mode and display the camera image automatically.

If not, then you may have to check through the whole installation process again to see if anything else is not connected correctly.

All-in-One HD 1280*720P(30 fps) CAR BLACK BOX+CAR Rear View Mirror+CAR DVR Road Dash Video Camera Recorder+Dual Cameras+Ultra Wide Angle+Super Night Vision+Picture In Picture+Motion Detection+G-sensor+seamless loop video

car security

2.7″ All-in-One HD 1280 x 720P (30 fps) CAR BLACK BOX+CAR DVR Road Dash Video Camera Recorder+CAR Rear View Mirror+Dual Cameras+Super Night

Vision+Picture In Picture +Motion Detection+G-sensor+seamless loop video


1. Cameras:Dual Cameras (with one individual camera)
–Front Camera:1280 x 720P (30 FPS); –Rear Camera: 640 x 480P (30 FPS)

2. Support:Loop Recording; Rewriten; Picture In Picture; Motion Detection; Lock Collision Sensor; Web Camera

3. Support G-sensor&Motion detection & Collision Sensor (Triaxial Collision Detection) & seamless loop video: When an impact, emergency brake occurrs, or the car tilts, it will protect the previous, present and next video files automatically.  Through this function the important files won’t be removed by loop recording. 

4. Auto convert when reversing: auto convert to full screen when reversing

5. Front lens angle: 120 degree (+20 / -20 degree) A+

6. Lens: Wide Angle Lens, 140 Degree

7. Infrared LED Lamp: IR 4 LED, Infrared Night Vision function

8. Video Format: MOV

9. Photograph: JPEG 2048 x 1536P max

10. Sound Recording: Vedio record synchronize (Optional)

11. Audio: TF (Micro SD) (Maximum support of 32G)

12. Battery: Rechargerble battery

13. Size: 440 x 150 x 110mm

14. Gross Weight: 1.3KG

15. Working temperature: -10~+60 Celsius degree;Working Humidity: 15%~65%

16. Standard voltage: DC 5V

17. Static current: 10uA

Highlight: The Car DVR Display Section has three viewing modes: Both the front and the rear camera video; Only the front camera video; Only the rear camera video   





100% Waterproof Vehicle Car Rear View Backup Camera High-definition CCD 170 Degree Viewing Angle – Rearview Camera

car security

Waterproof Car Rear Vehicle Backup View Camera
170 degree viewing angle
This reversing camera is perfect for Car, MPV, Truck or Lorry, with color, provides good picture on your screen.  


Image Sensor: Color CMOS   

Imaging Device: OV7959(CMD)
Effective pixels: NTSC
Horizontal Sync Frequency :156525KHZ
Vertical Sync Frequency :PAL 50HZ/ NTSC 60HZ
Pixels: 656 × 492 pixels (0.3 MEGA)
Scanning System: 2:1 interface
Sync System: Internal
AGC : Auto
BLC: Auto
Horizontal resolutions: 480 TV lines
Sensor area: 5.961mm*4.276mm

Minimum illumination: 0.5Lux/F1.2 (0 Lux with LED)
Video output: RCA connector, 1.0vP-P, 75ohm
S/N Ratio: More than 48db
Waterproof: IP67-IP68
Current consumption: no more 150mA
Power supply: DC12V±10%
Lens Angle:120°/170°
Horizontal Angle 110°/160°
Operating temperature: -30°C- 80°C RH95%MAX
Storage temperature: -40°C- 85°C RH95%MAX
1 x Car rear view camera
1 x Power cable (1.2M)
1 x Video cable (5M)
2 sets Screws/NutsNote:
1.This camera has a mirror image.
2. This Camera only supports NTSC video system, so please make sure your monitor supports NTSC video system before you buy it .




Car Accident Prevention with Cameras and Monitors

4.3″ Digital Color TFT LCD Mini Car Monitor Folded Security Camera Front Or Rear

car security
Dead Screen 4.3″ TFT LCD Car Rear reverse RearView Color Monitor



Brand new and high quality.
Digital color TFT monitor.
2 AV for a camera for rear view and front view or side view.
Screen size: 4.3 inch TFT 16:9 screen.
Pixels: 480 x RGB x 234.
Signal system: PAL/NTSC auto switchable.
Operant power: 9-24V DC.
Current consumption: 3W(MAX).
Operation temperatures: -20 + 50 degrees.
Storage temperatures: -30 + 70 degrees.
Video signal: 1 Vp-p 75 degrees.

Package Included:  

1 x 4.3 Inch Monitor
1 x Power cable
1 x Mat





car security
Wireless Color Monitor & Back-Up Camera System

Function: Monitor
Screen format: 16:9
Car reversing back sight surveillance
Blue screen when no video signal
PAL/NTSC auto switch
Power supply:  7W / 12V
Image resolution: 336 x 960 pixels
7 inch wide screen rearview mirror monitor
Dimensions: 25cm(L) x 11.5cm(H) x 4.3cm(W)
Weight: 445g

Function parameter:· Screen dimensions: 7 inch· Resolution: 480W x RGB x 234H = 336960 Pixels· System: PAL&NTSC· Power: DC 12V· Consumption: 6W· Video: two way video input· Rear watching: image can be changed left and right
· Operate mode: the key operation and remote controlIntroduction of function keys:· Power: Switch for power supply· Video: V1/V2 selecting· Menu: Menu button (brightness, colors, contrast)· VOL+: Increase button· VOL-: Reduces button· Mode: Selecting the results for displayFunction (Wireless transmeter and receiver):High Quality Brand New Product
Converts wired rear view cameras into wireless devices.2.4G TRANSMITTERInput power: +12V
Transmission distance: 50m
Operating Temperature: -10~60°C
Length: 183cm2.4G ReceiverInput power: +12V
Receiving Sensitivity:  =85dBm
Operating Temperature: -10~60°C
Length: 183cmFeatures(Car Monitor):High-definition and wide viewing angles
Super low illumination
Wide angle (120-170 degree)
Easy to install
Suitable for guard and security
TV system: PAL system
Resolution: 420TVL
Total pixels: 628×582
Mini Lumination: 0.1 Lux (IR ON)
Current consumption: 130mA (IR ON)
Operating Temperature: -15 degree C ~ +55 degree C
The AV cable is 600cm and the dc power cable is 153cm.
Output Current :12V 100mA
Multicoloured lines on the screen for measuring distance
Size: 25cm x 4cm x 3cm





7″ inch Wide TFT LCD Touch Screen Colour Mirror Monitor for Car Rearview Camera, Ships From UK, Quick Delivery

car security

Makebetterlife good products make your life better! 
Do you really want your car to become a squirrel killing machine? This LCD monitor, together with your backup camera can give yourself the ability to see the tiniest things sneaking behind your car. No more straining your neck to see if a shopper is trying to whiz by at the last second, or to make sure the car opposite you isn’t attempting to back out at the same time. The LCD monitor fits conveniently on your dashboard, and will show you every squirrel that scurries on by.  You won’t run over anything but the road.



Screen Size: 7 inch
Display Component: Color TFT LCD  
Resolution: 480 x 234 Pixels
Power consumption: =<7W
System: PAL/NTSC(Video)
Video: 2 AV inputs.AV1 connects to car DVD, VCR and other video equipment. AV2 to car backup camera
Screen format: 16:9
Operate mode: Touch keys, Remote control
Input: DC 12V
Color: Black


Package Includes:
1 x 7″ TFT LCD Car Monitor
1 x Remote controller
1 x DATA Cable.
1 x User Manual

Currently Out Of Stock!



DIY Car Security Cameras



BW® 3.6mm Wide Angle Car Rear View Reversing Backup Camera

car security


High-definition and wide viewing angles.
Suitable for guard and security.
Professional exterior waterproof car rear view camera, easy to install and operate.
1/3 Inch Color CMOS.
PAL/NTSC TV system.
120° Visible Range.
5 Infrared Night Vision LED.
Totally solves any problem with  car rear views


Image Device: 1/3 Inch Color CMOS
Sync. System: Internal
Electronic Shutter: 1/60-1/15,000 seconds
Resolution: 420 TV lines
Lens Angle: 120 degree
Lens: 2.8mm/3.6mm
Power Supply: DC 12V
Operating Temperature: -10°C~ 50°C, RH95% Max
Storage Temperature: -30°C ~ 60°C, RH90% Max


How to USE:

Mount the camera at the back of the car (on the license plate, or other suitable place).
Connect the video output connector to terminal display device.
Connect another power input connector to power output device.




New 1080P Car Dashcamera/DVR Video Camera/Rearview Mirror + LED Night Vision + 4X Digital Zoom

car security


1. Item: Car DVR Dashcamera/Rearview Mirror
2. Video Resolution: 1440x1080P (15 FPS); 1280x720P (30 FPS)
3. Digital Zoom: 4X
4. Screen: 3.5″
5. Video Format: AVI
6. Picture format: JPEG
7. Languages: Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, German, Portugues, English, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (Traditional)
8. Type of memory card: SD card (UP TO 32GB)
9. USB: USB2.0
10. Battery: 300mAh (Built-in)
11. Static current: 10uA
12. Standard voltage: DC 5V
12. Humidity: 15%~65%

Additional Features:
1. Night vision: Yes
2. Seamless looping Recording: Yes
3. Sound recording (Video record synchronize): Yes
4. Auto ignition boot (turn off shutdown): Yes
5. H.264: Yes
6. AV output: Yes
7. SD/MMC Card: Support
8. Time&Date Display: Yes
9. Night vision: Yes, 4 pieces LED light for Each Camera (Dual Cameras)

Package Details:
1. Item Color: Black
2. Package Weight: 1.2KG
3. Package Include: As Pictures Show