New 1080P Car Dashcamera/DVR Video Camera/Rearview Mirror + LED Night Vision + 4X Digital Zoom

car security


1. Item: Car DVR Dashcamera/Rearview Mirror
2. Video Resolution: 1440x1080P (15 FPS); 1280x720P (30 FPS)
3. Digital Zoom: 4X
4. Screen: 3.5″
5. Video Format: AVI
6. Picture format: JPEG
7. Languages: Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, German, Portugues, English, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (Traditional)
8. Type of memory card: SD card (UP TO 32GB)
9. USB: USB2.0
10. Battery: 300mAh (Built-in)
11. Static current: 10uA
12. Standard voltage: DC 5V
12. Humidity: 15%~65%

Additional Features:
1. Night vision: Yes
2. Seamless looping Recording: Yes
3. Sound recording (Video record synchronize): Yes
4. Auto ignition boot (turn off shutdown): Yes
5. H.264: Yes
6. AV output: Yes
7. SD/MMC Card: Support
8. Time&Date Display: Yes
9. Night vision: Yes, 4 pieces LED light for Each Camera (Dual Cameras)

Package Details:
1. Item Color: Black
2. Package Weight: 1.2KG
3. Package Include: As Pictures Show





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