Generic DVR207 HD 720P IR Car Vehicle Dash Camera DVR Rotable 270 Degree Monitor Updated DVR027 1080X1440P

Generic DVR207 Vehicle Rotable 1080X1440P
OFFICIAL: 2014 DVR-207 REVIEW (HD 1080 x 720p Dash Cam Test)


If you are looking for a solid, reliable dashcam to take with you on-the-go, the DVR-207 is your guy. Built and enhanced based on the world-renowned DVR-027, the DVR-207 is a polished and enhanced version of its ancestor, with better video quality and a user-friendly interface.  Don’t let the low price tag fool you; although it is our most economically-priced dashcam, the DVR-207 still offers a robust 1080p recording resolution (interpolated), or 720p at 30 fps (we recommend 720p for the best results).

With a flip-open 2.5″ screen, you can view the recorded footage right on the device. Look no further if you are looking for a “back to basics” kind of dashcam. This is the genuine DVR-207 utilizing the Zoran Coach 12MDV ZR364249BGCG chipset and encoded in H.264.

Note: Since an SD card is not included with the purchase, we highly recommend picking up a 16GB or 32GB Class 10 SDHC card to use with this dashcam.

Product Highlights:

– Good day and night recording
– Cyclic storage feature – new files will automatically overrite the old ones when your card becomes full
– Automatic recording when car starts
– 720p @ 30fps recording resolution (or 1080p @ 15fps, interpolated)
– 2.5″ screen for instant playback
– Zoran Coach 12MDV ZR364249BGCG chipset
– Ability to capture still photos while recording

Package Contents:   

Original DVR-207 dashcam
Car charger
English user manual
BL-4C battery pack
Mini USB Cable
Windshield suction mount
32GB SD Card

Size Comparison:   
Customers are frequently surprised by just how compact and sleek the DVR-207 is. With the ability to record footage with its 2.5″ LCD screen open or closed, the DVR-207 will mount inconspicuously to your windshield. Not much bigger than your average candy bar.


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