car dash cam recording front

Dash Cams as Car Spyware

We are in an age now where everyone wants to SEE what happened rather than be TOLD what happened!  Cameras are EVERYWHERE, on cell phones, drones, homes, elevators, businesses, churches, in some cities at the intersections and many Police Officers have body cams on their uniform shirts.

Dashboard-mounted cameras might seem to be an obvious way to improve the safety of our roads, particularly because they record continuously when the car is in motion without requiring any action that might distract the driver and because they can capture the build-up to an incident as well as the incident itself.

car dash cam recording front

Despite this, the use of dashcams remains lower than you might think, in part because of public perceptions about the legality of Car Dash Cams as car spyware, after several drivers were successfully prosecuted for posting on social media examples of bad driving, road rage and inconsiderate parking.

But the law does not distinguish between dashcams or any other form of camera. As Jeremy Pinnington, co-founder of Open-Eye Security Systems and Installation says, “What you do with the footage is where the legality comes into it.” The law is geared around privacy, which is why videos taken in public areas require the written permission of those depicted if they are to be broadcast.

The simple answer is that they have never not been legal. It’s a camera, same as your phone or what you buy from stores,” he said.

Car Dash Cam info

In Dubai for example, Police have already sought the help of the public in identifying drivers who fail to have their children in proper child seats, including taking photographs of those who fail to do so. Dashcams can achieve this without either distracting the driver and without the other driver realizing they are being recorded, thereby avoiding possible confrontations. Dashcams originated in the United States for reasons that bear little relation to their primary purpose here. Some insurers offered lower premiums for those who had dashcams because they could provide a definitive version of how a collision occurred, saving costly and uncertain litigation to determine which of the competing eyewitness accounts was deemed to be more credible.

Dashboard cameras can only HELP you to stay safe on the roads! 

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