Car Security Camera System – Overnight CCTV for your car


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Car Security Camera System – DIY CCTV Install With Camera Placement


We, at Pakatak, have put this system together due to the high demand for a surveillance camera system that can be left inside a vehicle to record incidents inside or around  the stationary vehicle when parked outside your home or place of work.

This system can do exactly that and is able to capture video footage both day & night without making any special changes to your car or messing about trying to work out how to power everything, etc (if purchased with our portable 12v batteries).

The recorder unit is small enough to be hidden under a seat or even in the centre console or glovebox, you then have a single cable running to the camera – camera position just depends upon the area you want to monitor but please remember that reflection from lights outside the windows can play a part in image quality, so positioning is key to a good quality picture.

The camera works in very low light conditions and so can operate in almost complete darkness.

The recording unit can be set to record only when motion is detected and an SD card up to 16G  can be used, 4G/8G would be more than enough recording time for overnight monitoring in all but the busiest locations.

The optional 12v batteries (supplied with chargers) that can be purchased separaetely will make this a completely standalone system and can power the setup for over 24hrs.       

Everything is supplied completely connection ready (plug & play) and with full instructions so all you have to do is put it in place!

You can playback either by connecting the recorder unit to your TV or by removing the SD card from the recorder and playing back on your PC or laptop using Windows Media Player (an SD card reader is supplied with the recorder for this purpose).


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