Car Cams & Home Security

Car Cams & Home Security

What many people don’t realize is that many dash cams have motion detectors on them. This means that even when you’re not driving, the dash cam is keeping an eye on your car.

This is especially helpful if you park your car outside your home, rather than in a protected garage. But, even garaged cars can benefit from this extra protection. Evidence like this can be what ultimately puts a criminal behind bars.

Car Dash Cam info

In this video, for example, a burglar was caught on the car’s dash cam while foraging through the family’s garage:

But High-Tech Home Security Systems are a more obvious way to protect both your home, and your car, when it’s at home too.

spotcam security camera

Home security systems, like Car Dashboard Cameras, have become more affordable and user friendly without sacrificing quality.

It used to be that home security systems were only accessible to the upper middle class and wealthy. And even they mostly relied on high-pitched alarms to scare off intruders. But today’s home security systems make use of high-tech cameras and are more affordable than ever.

A home invasion is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. But with the help of home Security Surveillance Cameras, consumers have more options than ever when it comes to keeping their home safe with technology.

One of the best Home Security Surveillance cameras available is the SpotCam HD Eva 720P Wireless Video Monitoring PTZ Camera with Free 24-Hour Cloud Continuous Recording


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