Car Accident Prevention with Cameras and Monitors

Car Accident Prevention With Dashboard Cameras & Monitors

Car dashboard cameras can play a key role in gathering evidence after an accident and help to prevent crashes, Car Accident Prevention experts say.


In some cases, even reduced insurance premiums are offered to motorists using dashboard cameras due to the more efficient handling of accident cases and claims


Occasionally I have had to report dangerous drivers to the police and the use of dashcams can be a very important tool for recording incidents on the road.  Personally I think the police should have a place where drivers can upload dashcam footage of dangerous driving.


Dashcams, wide-angle cameras mounted Car Accident Prevention with Cameras and Monitorsinside the car that continuously record the frontand rear views, are a better option for road safety because no intervention from the driver is required.


I have two on my vehicle. So In the unlikely event of a collision, the combined evidence of high-definition video, photographs, sound, GPS location and other information would be available to the police so they could determine which driver is at fault.

If these cameras are used to help the police, I believe it would be a major step forward for road safety.


Michael Benwick


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