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surveillance cameras for cars
Mini Spy Camera Clothes Hook


This spy clothes hook dvr can capture and film very clear video.  The exclusive design using the most advanced recording technology make it probably the most convenient video  recorder in the world.  It is very easy for you to install in an office or home, in any room, or just about anywhere you want.  It uses Motion-Activated Auto Video Recording so as to start filming at the right time.


The hook camera has a small contour design, and a UV spray finishing for the whole body.

Video format: AVI

It can carry out high definition image recording under low illumination
resolution: 720 x 480p, 30fps
Supports TF card up to 16GB (Note: the memory card is not included)
Bulid-in lithium battery which can last long enough to record a video for more than 120 mimutes.


1 x Clothes Hook camera
1 x USB cable
1 x AC Adapter
1 x user manual

DIY Home Security                               



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