All-in-One HD 1280*720P(30 fps) CAR BLACK BOX+CAR Rear View Mirror+CAR DVR Road Dash Video Camera Recorder+Dual Cameras+Ultra Wide Angle+Super Night Vision+Picture In Picture+Motion Detection+G-sensor+seamless loop video

car security

2.7″ All-in-One HD 1280 x 720P (30 fps) CAR BLACK BOX+CAR DVR Road Dash Video Camera Recorder+CAR Rear View Mirror+Dual Cameras+Super Night

Vision+Picture In Picture +Motion Detection+G-sensor+seamless loop video


1. Cameras:Dual Cameras (with one individual camera)
–Front Camera:1280 x 720P (30 FPS); –Rear Camera: 640 x 480P (30 FPS)

2. Support:Loop Recording; Rewriten; Picture In Picture; Motion Detection; Lock Collision Sensor; Web Camera

3. Support G-sensor&Motion detection & Collision Sensor (Triaxial Collision Detection) & seamless loop video: When an impact, emergency brake occurrs, or the car tilts, it will protect the previous, present and next video files automatically.  Through this function the important files won’t be removed by loop recording. 

4. Auto convert when reversing: auto convert to full screen when reversing

5. Front lens angle: 120 degree (+20 / -20 degree) A+

6. Lens: Wide Angle Lens, 140 Degree

7. Infrared LED Lamp: IR 4 LED, Infrared Night Vision function

8. Video Format: MOV

9. Photograph: JPEG 2048 x 1536P max

10. Sound Recording: Vedio record synchronize (Optional)

11. Audio: TF (Micro SD) (Maximum support of 32G)

12. Battery: Rechargerble battery

13. Size: 440 x 150 x 110mm

14. Gross Weight: 1.3KG

15. Working temperature: -10~+60 Celsius degree;Working Humidity: 15%~65%

16. Standard voltage: DC 5V

17. Static current: 10uA

Highlight: The Car DVR Display Section has three viewing modes: Both the front and the rear camera video; Only the front camera video; Only the rear camera video   





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