Car Accident Prevention with Cameras and Monitors

Car Accident Prevention With Dashboard Cameras & Monitors

Car dashboard cameras can play a key role in gathering evidence after an accident and help to prevent crashes, Car Accident Prevention experts say.

In some cases, even reduced insurance premiums are offered to motorists using dashboard cameras due to the more efficient handling of accident cases and claims


Occasionally I have had to report dangerous drivers to the police and the use of dashcams can be a very important tool for recording incidents on the road.  Personally I think the police should have a place where drivers can upload dashcam footage of dangerous driving.


Dashcams, wide-angle cameras mounted Car Accident Prevention with Cameras and Monitorsinside the car that continuously record the frontand rear views, are a better option for road safety because no intervention from the driver is required.


I have two on my vehicle. So In the unlikely event of a collision, the combined evidence of high-definition video, photographs, sound, GPS location and other information would be available to the police so they could determine which driver is at fault.

If these cameras are used to help the police, I believe it would be a major step forward for road safety.


Car Dash Cam info


spotcam security cameras

Home Security and SURVEILLANCE Cameras

HOME SURVEILLANCE with Security Cameras


The Surveillance camera is one of the most effective tools for surveillance that help decrease the chance of a residence being burgled. They are readily available in different styles, can be hidden almost anywhere, in a clock, or a doll, etc. The House Surveillance camera is used for safeguarding our home from intruders in our absence. They are available in various models and cost range. Before buying any of these we should take into account the size of the house or home, as a larger house needs more than one camera for the entire place and a more modest house could possess just one.

House Surveillance cameras are simple to set up and to use. They are readily available in quite a wide variety in todays’s market. Most of them have a very high resolution and so function perfectly at night time, can record in colour and also have a tilt from little angle to big angle.

Security Surveillance is a very efficient way for guarding your home. Especally if It is a technically superior system. These systems have motion sensors which detect any movement around the property. Now there are more distinct kinds of CCTV’S available on the market, so we can get the system which best fits our requirement. Before purchasing of any Security Surveillance System we can decide what our preferences are, whether we need a wireless or hard wired drive, or if the camera is operating on battery power so it will additionally work in the course of a power-cut, for example.

We can also view and prepare our surveillance from our own PC. These systems are easy and straightforward to operate from wherever in the world.

The Surveillance camera is becoming commonplace everywhere as the know-how has improved. A variety of Surveillance Cameras are readily available in the marketplace, some prefer the dome video cameras, smoke detecting surveillance cameras, coverted cameras and ‘sensible surveillance cameras’ that use movement sensors built into them.  These and other disguised hidden cameras are commonly utilized in places to monitor the activities of people. Some are available on the market with unique specialisation.

Infra-red Surveillance Cameras are typically utilized by US government agencies to track suspects at night. Security staff and detectives use these video cameras to get an idea on people’s movement on their client’s request. The video surveillance video cameras are readily available in unique price range. It is of stellar use as it’s data and video can be recorded without the cameras even being noticed.

Though these are generally smaller compared to the more general surveillance cameras, they possess a good audio signal transmitting ability.

car dash cam recording front

Dash Cams as Car Spyware

We are in an age now where everyone wants to SEE what happened rather than be TOLD what happened!  Cameras are EVERYWHERE, on cell phones, drones, homes, elevators, businesses, churches, in some cities at the intersections and many Police Officers have body cams on their uniform shirts.

Dashboard-mounted cameras might seem to be an obvious way to improve the safety of our roads, particularly because they record continuously when the car is in motion without requiring any action that might distract the driver and because they can capture the build-up to an incident as well as the incident itself.

car dash cam recording front

Despite this, the use of dashcams remains lower than you might think, in part because of public perceptions about the legality of Car Dash Cams as car spyware, after several drivers were successfully prosecuted for posting on social media examples of bad driving, road rage and inconsiderate parking.

But the law does not distinguish between dashcams or any other form of camera. As Jeremy Pinnington, co-founder of Open-Eye Security Systems and Installation says, “What you do with the footage is where the legality comes into it.” The law is geared around privacy, which is why videos taken in public areas require the written permission of those depicted if they are to be broadcast.

The simple answer is that they have never not been legal. It’s a camera, same as your phone or what you buy from stores,” he said.

Car Dash Cam info


In Dubai for example, Police have already sought the help of the public in identifying drivers who fail to have their children in proper child seats, including taking photographs of those who fail to do so. Dashcams can achieve this without either distracting the driver and without the other driver realizing they are being recorded, thereby avoiding possible confrontations. Dashcams originated in the United States for reasons that bear little relation to their primary purpose here. Some insurers offered lower premiums for those who had dashcams because they could provide a definitive version of how a collision occurred, saving costly and uncertain litigation to determine which of the competing eyewitness accounts was deemed to be more credible.

Dashboard cameras can only HELP you to stay safe on the roads! 


Car Dash Cams For Security

Car Security Stickers


Dashboard cameras are able to aid Law Enforcement Officers with actual footage of what actually happened prior to, during and even after an event. Dashboard cameras have been able to capture natural disasters like tornadoes, hail, lightning strikes and hurricane force winds….  

I don’t think a dashboard camera can be a bad thing, because it doesn’t require the driver to do anything that would distract them while driving.  They just have to turn it on and start recording at the beginning of their journey.

Some insurers offer lower premiums for drivers who have Dash Cams because they can provide a definitive version of how a collision occurred, or even a theft from the vehicle, saving costly and uncertain litigation to determine what actually happened.

Dash Cams don’t just record video while you are driving.  If you have one powered by a battery, you can also record what happens around your vehicle when it is parked.  Another way to use Car Dash Cams For Security.


A demonstration of the Cellink B a 12V battery pack that will keep your dash-cam running even when your engine isn’t.


Civil litigation is less of a focus in the UK, but the police’s crash investigators would certainly welcome the definitive and  objective record that a dashcam video can provide. It is also possible that if Dashcams become a more familiar sight on local cars that they will have a restraining effect on how some people drive, as well as a deterrent against theft or robbery.

As we have often said, there is no single solution to making our roads safer but dashcams would seem to be an obvious and logical extra tool.



Best Dash Cams

Car Dashboard Cameras

A lot of folks are shopping for car dashboard cameras, or dash cams as they are known, so that they can have proof of events as they happen while out driving.

Without a dash cam, how are you going to prove that what you, as the driver, are saying, is the truth?

Dash cams can offer proof of events in road accidents in several ways, such as for instance:

  • Dash cams record the Where (through GPS) the When (time and date are clearly displayed) and therefore the How.
  • Most dash cams have night vision. This prevents fraudulent claims being made against the driver even after they have been driving in the dark.
  • Dash cams typically take prime quality footage, that can be uploaded and saved to a computer, laptop or other device if and when required for insurance or legal purposes.

Car Dash Cam info


In car camera systems with DVR are usually 720P or 1080P and HD (high definition). With a Digital video recorder for your car or any other vehicle, you can capture whatever you can see around you while you are driving. And with such a gadget you’ll never have to look for witnesses if you ever get into an accident — the record will show what really happened!  Car camera video recorders have become so popular, that drivers from all around the world buy them every day. They have seen all the benefits and don’t need convincing.

Most modern car cameras are mounted on your dashboard, windshield, or can be hidden, and can record 360 degrees around your vehicle. There is also an option on many of these DVR cameras for night vision recording and GPS tracking and locating. There are several benefits and advantages to installing an in car video recorder.  You can record whatever you see and upload it online or You Tube if you like.  Car video recorders will let you save all those moments and do as you please with them when they are uploaded at home. If you are vacationing, digital video recorders on your dashboard make an excellent electronic video memory picture album of your trip   But these videos can also be used as evidence in any legal matters concerning accidents or crimes committed, because they record live.

Best Dash CamsDecide which price range you want to pay for your Dashboard Camera or Backup Camera kit. You can get some priced as low as $50, but remember, you get what you pay for. The average price in 2016 for a decent WIRELESS rear view camera and LCD monitor was $100-$250. Most decent backup camera kits come with a wireless monitor included. This is a great feature because it means that you don’t have to buy an additional piece of hardware to use the rear view camera. If you want to do more work and run all of the power and transmit wires, then a cheaper model can be purchased, but most people choose a wireless backup system, especially for larger vehicles and trailers.

One feature that you want to get is a wide view angle camera that is over 100 degrees, which would cover pretty much the entire blind spot area to the back of your vehicle. Do not get a 30-40 degree camera if you can afford a better one, you can easily see more than 40 degrees view with your own eyes, through standard vehicle rear view mirrors. Thirdly, get a good display. LCD monitors are the best and should be included in any decent camera setup kit.

Another important feature to look for is whether the camera kit is waterproof and weatherproof. Being installed on the rear bumper of a car or a boat, even near salt water, is not considered normal usage for most dash cams and so you need to get the right one for your requirements.

Dash Camera

I love mine! I Wish they had dash cams when I was a taxi driver in London, because they would have saved me a lot of grief. I’d definitely have gone for an extra one inside as well, pointing towards the passengers for added safety.

If you are looking for the best dashboard cameras or rear view back up cameras to install on the dashboard or the rear of your car, we have several choices you can review.

Dashboard cameras come in a bewildering array of unheard of makes and models. We regularly update a list of the top 10 best dash cams, to help you choose one that is perfect for you.

Michael Benwick.


Best Dashboard Cameras

Dashcams learn the basics about dashboard video cameras dash cams


Car Camera, Monitor and Power Source

Installing A Wireless Rear View Car Back-Up Camera

Rear View Car Back-Up Camera Systems can be either cabled or wireless, depending on the model (The Camera not the car!).  The Wireless option can be very simple to install.


Car Dash Cam info



Installing a Wireless Monitor & Rear View Back-Up Camera System for your car


In the example below we are installing a Back-Up Camera System, Model ACA250, which is a Wireless monitor and rear view camera system for backing up your car.

Installing a Wireless Colour Monitor & Back-Up Camera System


How to install a Wireless Backup Camera with monitor: 

Car Camera, Monitor and Power Source

1.   Take off your license plate at the back of your car.

2.   Remove the car’s Reverse Tail Light so as to access the backup lamp wires.

3.   Connect the camera’s power leads to the reverse light of your car to get the power – red wire for positive and black wire for negative.

4.   Connect the power cable leads running from the Reverse Light, or ‘tail light’ to your camera, via the trunk to behind  the License Plate.

5.   Put back the Tail light and the License Plate

6.   Fix the camera’s bracket to the license plate where the bottom two screws are situated, using those screw holes to fix it in.

7.   Position the Monitor on the front dashboard of the car or wherever you decide to put it, making sure that it will not block your view while driving.

8.   Connect the wireless Monitor (the receiver) to a power lead running to your car battery or cigarette lighter (or the reverse/gear wire) to get the power – red wire for positive and black wire for negative.

9.   After complete installation, you should see the rear view image when your car is in reverse shift.

Please check any manual or instructions that came with your Backup Camera when going through this, just for your reference.

Important Note:
Remember to have a good look at the outlay of your car’s interior before you proceed, as cars vary a bit and not all are exactly the same!  In particular, where you have installed the camera’s power to the reverse light.  With some cars, you can just snake the power leads under the lining of the Trunk, with others you may have to drill a small hole in the Trunk/boot of the car to run the power leads through.


Generally, it is easier to connect the Monitor’s power cable or leads via the Cigarette Lighter, depending on the car.


Sports Cameras

Sports Cameras come in all shapes and sizes and different designs depending on whether you are driving, cycling, diving under water or racing.

Car Dash Cam info

Many sports enthusiasts use helmet cameras to capture the essence of the sports they love. For example, many para glider pilots carry a bullet camera to record their flights. This can be mounted on the helmet, foot or elsewhere to capture unique camera angles. There are many samples of helmet camera videos available on the net.

Wearing helmet cameras is also proving popular with cyclists as a safety aid, as it allows cyclists to record their journeys and to record any incidents from their point of view. This recording can be used in a court as evidence.

But in 2006, a British cyclist was convicted of abusing traffic wardens, also using evidence from a helmet camera.

Firefighters have begun to utilize helmet cams as a tool to assess their responses to fires and to allow non-firefighters to see the reality of what occurs inside a burning building. One technological improvement that fire departments would employ would be thermal imaging detection of differences in heat.   Mini Waterproof Sports Video Recorder Camera

Helmet cameras generally fall into two main categories; CMOS and CCD types. Although helmet cameras take on a variety of forms the majority are small cylindrical cameras resembling a tube of lipstick or a bullet, coining the name lipstick or bullet cameras. Helmet cameras may be connected to a video recording device with video input capability, such as a handheld camcorder, or purpose built digital video recorder.

And indeed Car Dashboard Cameras can also be used for filming Sports and capturing special moments, either as a spectator or as a Sports Car Driver. Being installed on the rear bumper of a car or a boat, even near salt water, is not considered normal usage for most Dash Cams and so it is important that you get the right one.

Another important feature to look for is if the camera is waterproof and weatherproof.  Most Sports Cameras are Waterproof as they are often likely to be installed on the outside of the vehicle.

Waterproof Sport Camera Action Cam APEMAN 1080P 14MP Wi-Fi 2.0” LCD Screen Full HD 170° Ultra Wide-Angle Lens With Dual 1050mAh Batteries and Portable Package Case


Accessories For Car Dash Cams


A dashboard camera can be mounted in or around your car’s dashboard.  The cameras are easily attached using accessories for car dash cams, such as a suction cup mount, direct dash friction mounts (those sticky rubber pads) or can even be built right into a not-too-conspicuous replacement rear mirror for your ride.

There are all kinds of new accessories available here, for everything from car dashboard cameras to home security cameras, nanny cams and business cctv systems.  Other accesories like Spy Glasses, micro cameras, waterproof spy watches, spy camera pens, are also available. 

We feature all kinds of the latest car camera accessories, and at very genuine prices. And we also have the best range of gopro cages and cases.


Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera 1080p With130 Degree Angle Night Vision

Sport action camera and video recorder DVR desiged for your motorcycle or car. Recording the action, scenery and your environment from your motorcycle ‘s view, rather than your helmet.

Model: DV188
Size of packaging: 24*14*10.5cm
Size of product: please to see the third photo
LCD Screen Display: 2.7 inches
CPU: Alllwinner V3
Compression format:H.264
Camera Lens View angle: 130 degrees wide angle
Camera Resolution: 1280*720 / 1920*1080
Microphone: Built-in
Memorizer: TF Card up to 64GB Card(not included in the package)
Video Format: AVI (MJPG)
Operating Voltage DC: 5V
Operating Temperature (°C) :(0°C-60°C)
Battery capacity: 470MA/3.7V
Language: Chinese / English / Japanese etc.

Package Contents:
1 x Main DVR
2 x Waterproof Cameras
1 x DVR Holder
1 x Hard Wire
1 x Wire Control
1 x Holder Mount
8 x Cable Ties
7 x Gum Paste
2 x Screws

Rear Backup Camera over California car plate

The Best Backup Cameras

Soon, every new car sold will need to come standard with a rear-view camera already installed. It will no longer be an accessory; after all it’s a safety feature proven to save lives. It’s also a good way to ensure you don’t have to leave a “sorry, I hit your car!” note every time you park somewhere.

Rear-view cameras first became common about a decade ago. If your car didn’t come with one to begin with, don’t worry. There are plenty of aftermarket options to choose from. Here are some of the best backup cameras you can currently buy:


American Road RearVision


Why should you buy this?  It’s quick to install and it works as advertised.

Our Pearl RearVision review

The Pearl RearVision Backup Camera, It’s not cheap but it works extremely well.

Who’s it for: Anyone who wants an extra pair of eyes while backing up.

How much it will cost:  Around $399 (only available in the US at present)

Why we picked the American Road RearVision:

Formerly made by Pearl, the American Road RearVision certainly isn’t the cheapest rear-view camera on the market, but it’s by far the best one available for a number of reasons. Importantly, it’s remarkably easy to install. The camera is integrated into an elegant frame you can bolt around your license plate. We tested it and concluded it takes no more than five minutes to set up.

Once it’s installed, you need to download a purpose-designed smartphone application and plug the adapter into your car’s OBD2 port.  It isn’t as feature-rich as some of the other backup cameras on the market, but it’s basic and it gets the job done without breaking the bank. The kit includes a screen, a camera, and the wiring required to install everything.

An adhesive strip attaches the camera right behind your car’s rear license plate. You can either install the screen on your dashboard or secure it to your windshield using a suction cup. Either way, plan on running a wire from the camera to the screen. Both source power from the reverse lights so you’ll need to do some splicing, too.

The water-proof camera offers a 170-degree viewing angle and a night vision function. Users report it’s relatively easy to install.


Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera


Why should you buy this: You want a versatile mid-range backup camera.

Our Yada digital wireless backup camera review

The best versatile backup camera

The Yada Backup Camera has a 4.3″ Dash Monitor, the image quality is good and you can feed footage from two cameras to one screen.

Who’s it for: Motorists who need both front and back imagery.

How much it will cost:   Around $120  –  £56.71

Why we picked the Yada digital wireless backup camera:

Yada says it designed its wireless backup camera specifically to eliminate blind spots. It delivers great picture quality, wide viewing angles, and clear visibility in low-light situations. When we tested it, we noted the screen included in the kit is clearer than many OEM systems on the market today.

It’s not as straight-forward to install as Pearl’s RearVision. You’ll need to spend about 25 minutes from start to finish. Experience in wiring automotive electrical items is a plus but don’t worry if you’re a rookie. There are tutorial videos on the company’s site to walk you through the process step by step.

Yada’s coolest feature is the possibility to display footage from two cameras. You can order an external add-on camera that you can use as a baby monitor, as a backup camera for your trailer, or even as a front camera if you want to see what’s in front of you.


Auto-Vox T1400


Why should you buy this: You don’t want a bulky screen on your dashboard.

The best backup camera for your rear-view mirror

Who’s it for: Those who want a stock-looking dashboard without distractions.

How much it will cost:   Around $110  –  £85.99

Why we picked the Auto-Vox T1400:

Hide your rear-view camera out of sight.

Most aftermarket backup cameras send footage either to an external screen or to your smartphone. That means you need to have something either sitting on top of your dashboard or attached to your windshield. If that’s not ideal, Auto-Vox’s T1400 is the solution for you.
It transmits footage from a camera (sold separately) positioned above the rear license plate to a small screen integrated into a rear-view mirror. The 4.3-inch unit is auto-dimming so you don’t need to worry about glare, and it shows parking guidelines for extra peace of mind.

Auto-Vox says the T1400 was designed to look right in any car it’s installed in. It’s compatible with a long list of models including cars made by Toyota, Volkswagen, and Chevrolet, but we recommend double-checking before ordering.

Viewing Backup Camera

How We Test:

Our automotive team tests vehicles through a comprehensive scrutinizing process. We examine the qualities of the exterior and interior and judge them based on our expertise and experience in the context of the vehicle’s category and price range. Entertainment technology is thoroughly tested as well as most safety features that can be tested in controlled environments.
Test drivers spend extensive time behind the wheel of the vehicles, conducting real-world testing, driving them on highways, back roads, as well as off-road and race tracks when applicable.

Car Scams and Security

Car Scams & Security

Not all car scams involve second-hand car salesmen. This video shows a recent example of a new car scam, a so-called ‘Crash For Cash’ attempt to claim compensation for being hit by a vehicle.  A suspected compensation hunter runs towards a taxi, hurls herself onto its bonnet and appears to play dead in the road.

Dash Camera footage shows the woman sprinting across a junction in Blackpool before she spots the oncoming vehicle and suddenly launches herself in its direction.

(Video: Universal Media Online)

The taxi, a Nissan ENV200, then reversed and the woman can be seen lying motionless on the ground, while another vehicle driving in the other direction just drove around to avoid her.

The Taxi’s driver Christopher Stewart said: “From what I can remember she didn’t really try and jump on it, she just dived straight at the car”.

He also claimed that the woman’s male companion then ran over and raged at him off camera, allegedly threatening to kill him.

The Premier Cabs driver, from Blackpool, believes her actions were an attempted “crash for cash” scam and is thankful he had a Dashcam to prove that his car did not hit her!

More traditional Car Scams usually involve another car crashing into yours to fake a claim, there are numerous types of auto insurance scams but simply having a Dash Camera will help you to avoid them

Below you can see examples of other car scams, some potentially quite dangerous, these have been caught on camera in the U.S and Canada, but they are typical of what can happen almost anywhere.

Auto Insurance Scams Caught on Dash Camera in the U.S and Canada  
1080P Full HD Dashboard camera….

Driving Test Success All Tests 2017

Driving Test Success All Tests New 2017 Edition (PC) Review

It’s worth remembering that one of the best ways to stay safe on the roads is to learn to drive properly in the first place.


Anyone looking to pass their driving test and cover every angle of what they need to know needs to see this:


Driving Test Success All Tests New Edition (PC)

Driving Test Success All Tests 2017

  • Updates to the official Theory Test revision questions and explanations from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) – the people who set the test
  • New menu and user interface delivering a more modern look and increased usability
  • New virtual instructor provides a step-by-step guide on what to revise next
  • Unique interactive braking distance simulator
  • Help on how to remember braking and stopping distances

Theory Test

Contains EVERY official revision question from the Driving Standards Agency, the people who set the test.

Sit unlimited mock tests including interactive case study questions, just like the real test.

Includes Detailed progress monitor

And Official DSA explanations and links to the Highway Code to help you understand the correct answers.

Customised learning from the 14 official DSA categories or from questions that you have not yet seen, or have previously answered incorrectly.

  • Hazard Perception Test – Sit unlimited mock tests using interactive CGI and high definition video clips
  • Practical Driving Lessons – NEW
  • The Official Highway CodeDriving Test Success All Tests 2017
  • Mock Driving Test – New
  • Braking Distance Simulator
  • Show Me, Tell Me
  • Learn on the Go

Would make a great Xmas or B’day present for Learner Drivers!

List Price: £6.39

Price: £6.39


Car Cameras

Eight steps to install a Backup Camera with a wireless module

How to install Backup Camera with wireless module in Eight Steps: 

1. Take out your stock license plate light at the back of your car.

2.  Fix the camera to where the stock license plate light is.

3.  Connect the black wire (GND-) and red wire (DC +12V) to your car built-in license plate light to get power for camera.

4.  Connect wireless module (transmitter) to your camera via the two RCA cables (one plug for AV output and one plug for power).

5.  Connect the wireless module (transmitter) to the reverse light of your car to get the power – red wire for positive and black wire for negative

6.  Connect yellow plug of the wireless module (receiver) to your car monitor/stereo VIA camera input.

7.  Connect wireless module (receiver) to your car battery or cigarette lighter (or reverse/gear wire) to get power – red wire for positive and black wire for negative.

8.  After complete installation, you will see the reverse image when your car is in reverse shift.

Wireless backup camera with wireless module

Please check any manual or instructions that came with your Backup Camera when going through this, just for your reference.

If you have installed the camera to the stereo, but when you put your car in reverse, there is “NO SIGNAL” showing on the screen, then you need to double check whether you connected the “Car back wire” (from power cable of your stereo)” to your car Reverse/Gear wire.

After connecting this “Back” wire, when you reverse, the car will give a signal to the stereo, and then the unit should enter into camera mode and display the camera image automatically.

If not, then you may have to check through the whole installation process again to see if anything else is not connected correctly.

HD 1920 x1080P Car Dvr Dual Camera 2.7″16:9 TFT LCD screen H.264 5M CMOS With G-Sensor, GPS Logger HDMI & USB 2.0 Support TF card, max. 32GB


1. 2.7″ 16:9 Widescreen Display: With bigger viewing area, Widescreen 16:9 provides a wider screen for video playback. Lets you easily view any videos.

2. GPS Logger: F90 receives the GPS signals and records the “time”, “date”, “speed” and “GPS logs” at the same time. Through the software, the video and the Google Map can be played at the same time, all the paths will be displayed on the map, it also makes companies management of their vehicles much easier and more convenient.

3. G-sensor impact data protection: When there’s an impact, the emergency brake is used, or the car gets tilted, it will protect the previous, present and next video files automatically. Through this function the important files won’t be removed by loop recording.

Specifications:  LCD Display: 2.7″16:9 TFT LCD screen
2. Camera Lens: Supports Voice camera
3. Sensor: CMOS WXGA HD photographic chip, and up to 5 million pixels
4. Video: MOV
5  Picture: JPEG
6. Camera resolution: 5M/3M/2M/1.3M/VGA
7. GPS Logger: Yes, support
8. G-Sensor: Yes, support
9. Time format: Yes, support
10 Video Resolution:1920x1080p 20FPS; 1280×720 30FPS; 720×480 30FPS
11. Language: English, Russia, Korea etc
12. Memory card:Support TF card, max. 32GB
13. USB interface: USB2.0
14. HDMI:Yes, support
15. Battery:Built-in 3.7V/ 1000mAh lithium battery
16. Work temperature: -20-60 degrees Celsius

Package Details:  
1.Item Color: Black+Orange
2.Item Weight:100g
3.Item Size:122*46*29mm
4.Package Includes:
1 x Car DVR Recorder
1x External Lens
1x Car Charge
1x USB Cable
1x Connecting Cable
Brackets for installation    
User Manual
Note : No retail packaging, to save you cost and to protect the environment.