HD 2.5 “TFT LCD Colour Car Monitor 720p camera surveillance DVR Cam Car

car security HD 2.5 TFT LCD Color Car Monitor 720 P


2.5 “inch (6.35 cm) TFT LCD Car Camera with option to store on SD card and MMCS



This is a mobile surveillance camera to record videos or pictures on the road.  The instrument is ideally suited for cars, taxis, buses or motorcycles.  The device saves the data to an SD card of your choice and it can handle up to 32GB memory. The data can then be easily read on a PC or laptop to watch.
120 ° pickup angle, 2.5 “display and a built-in microphone leaves more  nothing more it could need.

The footage from the device also serves as evidence in any disputes that may arise after an accident.
But you can just as easily shoot your holiday trip too, if you choose.

The device is fully charged up on installation, but you can simply recharge it when required with the included adapter to your cigarette lighter. 12/24 Volt.

The device uses the adapter included which you place on your windshield.


– 2.5 “(6cm) TFT LCD display

– Infrared Night Vision version 4 – LED’s

– Motion Detetktion / motion sensor

– Incredible 120 ° degree angle receptive

– Built-in microphone

– Up to 32GB SD or MMC Speicherkkarten support

– Player resolution 1280x 960 pixels / 640 x 480 pixels or 320 x 240 pixels possible

– Format: AVI

– Photo format: JPEG

– Player choice White 10/20/30 FSP pictures per second

– Recording time 3 / 5 / 10 or 15 minutes

– Capture mode is possible in a circle

– Built-in rechargable Li-ion Battery (recharge via simple USB cable)

– USB 2.0 port

– Size: 100x 60x 20 mm

– Weight without Speicherkkarte:  about 380gramm            

– Color: Black

DIY Car Security


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